Becoming More Digital

Becoming More Digital

I’m a Wikipedian! I made my very first edit of a wiki page just now, when I created a link from Mario Vargas Llosa’s page to the Lasallian wiki. Mario Vargas Llosa, recipient of the 2010 Nobel Prize for Literature, studied at the Colegio La Salle in Lima from age 11 to 14.

This (i.e., my editing a Wikipedia page for the first time) in turn prompted me to reflect at how I’m becoming more digital. I then created my “digital time line” (see below), which indicated a couple of things:

  • Compared to digital natives (but not necessarily to digital immigrants), I’m a late adopter of social digital technologies. What is interesting is that I’m a computer scientist!  But…
  • My interest in social digital technologies is picking up, as a result, perhaps, of my pursuing the PhD in Education. You see, technology, especially social digital technology, cannot be absent from any discussion of 21st century education. Therefore…
  • Whereas at first I used social digital technologies because I had to, recently I have begun using social digital technologies to share something that is important to me with those who are important to me around the world.
Date Event What Prompted It
2010 Nov 11 Made my first Wikipedia edit I saw that there was no link to any Lasallian webpage on 2010 Nobel Laureate Mario Vargas Llosa’s Wiki page.
2010 Oct 5 Wrote my first WordPress blog This year’s World Teacher’s Day was especially significant to me because I received only a month earlier the Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Teacher award.
2009 Apr 25 Uploaded my first YouTube video I viewed Jesus Christ Superstar for the first time on DVD, and was again awed, of course, by Ted Neeley’s “I Was Inspired.”
2009 Apr 9 Joined Facebook Brother Ceci (1944-2009) invited me, and I couldn’t say no to the Brother whom I and FORMDEV loved the most.
2004Dec 14 Created my first IVLE e-learning module I was going to teach a course on e-learning so of course I had to set up an e-learning module. I think that my university’s subscription to IVLE was still free at that time.
2003 Feb 21 Created my Yahoo account I had to continue leadership of an ASEAN University Network collaborative project (on software engineering practices) while enjoying my service leave with my family in San Diego. The university e-mail service at that time was not so convenient to access from outside the country.
Late 90s Wrote my first web page I maintained a site on Broadway Musicals (and Gothic Cathedrals, too) which had hundreds of weekly visitors!
Early 90s? Wrote my first e-mail Studies

I have a feeling that my next foray would be into socially immersive games, being the new head of the Game Lab. 🙂


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