Asin Hot Spring

Just when I thought that my summer vacation was over, circumstances led to my taking my pastor friend and his wife to Baguio last weekend. But because typhoon Chedeng/Songda was near Northern Luzon, I had to think of something to do other than the usual outdoor recreational activities — strolling at Burnham Park, horseback riding at Wright Park, or playing golf/minigolf at Camp John Hay. Fortunately, I remembered the hot springs in Asin!

In deference to Uncle Pilong who, together with my maternal grandparents, migrated to Baguio from Tarlac before the Second World War, we woke up very early (6:00’s way too early for a night owl like me!) and he took us to Asin, 16 km NW of Baguio, before the bakasyonistas and Baguio locals arrived in droves. It really pays to submit to wisdom, so we had an entire thermal pool to ourselves, luxuriating in the therapeutic heat of the pool while swapping stories and enjoying a great view of the verdant environment surrounded by mountains capped with fog (see photo below), for more than two hours. By the time we left, which was around lunchtime, the two thermal pools and the eleven other regular swimming pools of the resort were already teeming with people!

With Ptr. Arnold and Unc. Pilong. Thanks to Sis. Mina, who had to do a dangerous somersault to take this beautiful picture. 😉

I don’t think I will ever forget this experience. As can be seen in the photo above, the view from “our” hot spring was so beautiful, and the combination of the ambient cold air and the hot healing waters, and having the place to ourselves was just so… perfect. It reminds me of a beautiful onsen I was able to enjoy while living in Japan, thanks to my spiritual parents, Shinji and Kayoko Kimura.

Thanks to Tita Grace for the use of the lovely vacation house! 🙂


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