Lasallian Centennial Opening Celebration (First of Two Parts)

Introductory words for the enshrinement of the St. La Salle's relic. From the missallette for the Lasallian Centennial Opening Mass. Thanks to Hazel Rosario for the scan.

Yesterday (June 15, 2011) for the first time in our history, a relic of St. La Salle was “offered to the devout attention of the faithful” (see Introductory Words on the right) at the Marian Quadrangle. What’s more, this relic — part of the radius bone of the forearm of St. La Salle’s body — will remain permanently with the Lasallian family in the Philippines.

It was a very beautiful day for me because it was a day of communal prayer. Prayers were offered all day and night at the Marian Quadrangle from 8:00 AM of June 15 to 5:00 AM of June 16, punctuated with a midday mass at 12:10 and a Misa ng Sambayanang Pilipino at 6:00 PM, all at the Marian Quadrangle.

I was so happy to be able to study God’s Word and participate in prayer/mass with the FORMDEV facis practically the whole day! At 11:00 AM, several facis and I walked to the Marian Quadrangle to honor the relic of St. La Salle. (See On the Veneration of Relics.)

FORMDEV facis with St. La Salle’s Relic. We thanked God for the life of St. La Salle and prayed for the grace to serve Him and our handles well. Thanks to Andrew Pamorada, a former faci, for this photo.

Then at 12:10 PM, we participated in the midday mass. I thoroughly enjoyed the liturgies of the Word and Eucharist while sitting with my FORMDEV family under the shade of a great old tree, surrounded by shrubs filled with flowers of various colors, swaying in the cool wind. I had a wonderful time adoring the Lord, during which He reminded me of this verse from John: “Take care of my sheep.”

We were also able to spend a few minutes with two La Salle Brothers who are very special to FORMDEV: Brothers Michael Broughton and Rolando Dizon. Br. Mike Broughton is the Brother who kindly visits all the FORMDEV classes (in other words all the freshmen of the College of Computer Studies) just like our beloved Br. Ceci Hojilla (1944-2009) did for almost a decade until the Lord called him home.

FORMDEV facis with Br. Michael Broughton, Associate Vice-Chancellor for Lasallian Mission, and Ms. Amie Galang, Vice-Dean of Student Affairs

It was Br. Roly Dizon, former President of De La Salle University (1998-2003), who appointed me as Dean of the College of Computer Studies in 1999-2003, during which FORMDEV was established, by God’s grace. (For a bit more on FORMDEV’s history, check out this FORMDEV blog.)

FORMDEV facis with Br. Rolando Dizon, fomer President of De La Salle University

Then at around 2:00 PM, I had fellowship and Bible study with FORMDEV faculty facis. We reflected on the following words of St. La Salle: “You can perform miracles by touching the hearts of those entrusted to your care” (Meditations 180.3), which struck me from among the 100 Short Quotes from St. La Salle, a booklet of which was given to all who came to the veneration. The faculty facis and I came to the astounding realization that touching our student’s hearts involves establishing and nurturing relationships, the growth of each of which is a miracle in itself!

Finally at around 5:00 PM, I had fellowship and Bible study with the FORMDEV Bible study leaders. We studied Chapter 2 of Joshua Harris’ Dug Down Deep, which reminded all of us to be wise builders and dig down deep to build our houses on solid rock (Luke 6:46-49).

How beautiful a day is that is spent with God and family!


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