World Teachers’ Day 2011 – Happy Anniversary

There are three things I would like to blog about today, as we celebrate World Teachers’ Day. The first of the three can be found in “What Makes a Great Teacher.”

Second, I would like to reflect on my first year of blogging. I can’t believe it’s been a year since my first blog post. I haven’t been as regular in posting as I thought I would, but 26 posts (or an average of 2 posts per month) are not bad, I think.

Looking at my Tag Cloud (see below), I’m glad that my record of my journey as a teacher has been primarily about Christ/Christianity and FORMDEV. As St. La Salle wrote in his Meditations (195.2): “You are ambassadors and ministers of Jesus Christ in the work that you do.”

Looking at my Top 10 Posts (see below), I realized that most of my readers are probably people who know me and care more about my personal sharings/musings (my #1 post being “My Top 5 Happiest Happenings in 2010“) than, say, my fantasy novel reviews, which is cool. Most of my readers are probably FORMDEV facis or alumni (my #4 post being “FORMDEV“), or connected with DLSU (my #3 post being “Lasallian Centennial Opening Celebration“). I wonder how many of those who read my post on UbD were in-service or pre-service teachers. I also realized that among my readers, Brian Sanderson (my #10 post being about his “Mistborn” series) is a more important fantasy author than, say, Steven Erikson or Karen Miller, which is cool.

This new year, I think I would like to blog more about higher education trends and issues, both global and local. I will of course continue to write about Christianity, especially as it impacts higher education. I also look forward to finishing and reviewing the remaining eight books in the 10-volume Malazan Book of the Fallen series of Steven Erikson (the first two volumes of which are reviewed here). 🙂

Stay tuned!


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