FORMDEV’s 10th Year Anniversary – Part 2

In Part 1, I mentioned that it gave me great joy to see facis from all the FORMDEV Batches (1-11) come together!

Here are some photos of the facis grouped according to their batch.

Below are facis from Batches 1-5, together with faculty facis. From left to right: Pre Torres (Batch 5), JayR Tuason (Batch 5), Stef Ulit (Faculty Faci, Batch 10), Joel Ilao (Facutly Faci, Batch 6), me (Faculty Faci, Batch 1), Pogz Ortile (Batch 4), Gucci Gutierrez (Batch 4), Franco Mesina (Batch 3), Bing Ruiz (Staff, Batch 1), and Gwen Centeno (Staff Faci, Batch 4). I think all of us looked quite good in this photo! 🙂

Below are facis from Batches 4-8. Standing from left to right: Pogz Ortile (Batch 4), Lon Marcelo (Batch 6), Gucci Gutierrez (Batch 4), Adz Villaluna (Batch 5), Patrick Marquez (Batch 7), JayR Tuason (Batch 5), me (Batch 1), Nikko Reyes (Batch 8), and Milts Caluya (Batch 5). Seated from left to right: Carlo Fajardo (Batch 6), Larisse Tapel (Batch 8), Jas Siy (Batch 6), Alvin Garcia (Batch 6), Stef Lucila (Batch 8), and Francis Lai (Faculty Faci, B atch 6).

Below, with Batch 6 facis, “compressed” pose. The guys, from left to right: Francis Lai, Jao Zafra, Lon Marcelo, me, Carlo Fajardo, Paul Chua, and Calvin Po. The girls: Ces Santiago and Jas Siy. (Jen Ong was also with us but had to leave early.)

Below, Batch 7 facis, wacky pose. From left to right: Eddie Santillan, Ryan Dimaunahan (toward the back), Rigor Mendoza, Nicole Inciso (who courageously came despite her not feeling well), me, Walton Go, and Patrick Marquez.

Below, with Batch 8 facis. On the stage, from left to right: Lexis Boac, Brian Tan, AC Miranda, me, Nikko Reyes, MC Miranda, and Andrew Pamorada. Below the stage, from left to right: Ian Veto, Jara Alonzo, Joanne Co, Larisse Tapel, Alvin Garcia, Janine Trogo, Joenard Abelarde, Sandie Roa, and Gena Esperanza. (Andrea Albaña was also with us but had to leave early.)

Below, with Batch 9 facis, wacky (except for me). From left to right: Mike Lu (wearing a vintage FORMDEV shirt), Josh Lachica, Zel Teng, me, Gemi Ablaza, Jacats Catan, Jar Quinto, and Mikey Ylaya.

Below, with Batch 10 facis, wacky. On the stage, from left to right: Kyla Iglesia, Tiano Magdaong, Den Abad (hardly seen), Reggy Rañoa, Sherlo Cantos, me, Ion de Jesus (toward the front), Carlo Aragoncillo (toward the back), Pat Lim, Michael Boñon, Chai Musni, and Jannah del Barrio. Below the stage: Sheng dela Cruz, Mary Yeung, Danjo Jacinto, Raus Ablaza, and posing quite wackily in front, Jann Garcia.

Below, with the latest batch, Batch 11. The guys on the stage, from left to right: Kevin Panuelos, Raven Ching, me, Eric Marquez, Darwin Magat, and Josh Avecilla. The girls onstage: Celine Villafuerte, Berna Cagampan, Czarnin Villafuerte, Joyce Wang, and Jema Banogon. Below the stage: Erika Magpayo (wearing the FORMDEV Anniversary shirt), Edmon Cua, Trish Eugenio (in red), Joy Mahinay, Mica Tiu, Kyrstyn Iy, and Mikko Arlanza.

Thank God for a joy-filled 10th Year Anniversary Celebration!

God bless FORMDEV!

Thanks to Andrew Pamorada (Batch 8) for the photos.


2 thoughts on “FORMDEV’s 10th Year Anniversary – Part 2

  1. Awesome celebration! 🙂 These photos serve as previews to an even more awesome FORMDEV community. I’m looking forward to more years for and with FORMDEV, wherever it may be. Thanks, Doc!

    1. “I’m looking forward to more years for and with FORMDEV, wherever it may be.”

      Wow! Stef! What a powerful statement of FAITH!!! May we indeed flourish wherever we’re planted!

      You know, during the Prayers of the Faithful, I remember the lector leading us in prayer for FORMDEV as it ministers (not sure now of the verb) “across the world.” That struck me, I mean I really paused to think there, then I realized it could be prophetic.

      Am very glad you’re part of FORMDEV, Stef. God bless!

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