I love traveling, both in fantasy worlds (e.g., Middle Earth, Narnia) and in the “real” world.

My gravatar image is from a photo (see below) I took while traveling by train from Assisi to Rome. I like the photo for three reasons. First, I love looking through big windows at trees, plants, animals, bodies of water, the sky — nature in other words — while I travel. Second, those two cities are two of my most beloved, Assisi especially, because it was the home of one of my favorite saints, Francis. (It is no coincidence that St. Francis is the patron saint of animals and the environment.) Third, the light shining through the window reminds me of God’s constant presence!

One day, I’d like to list my favorite cities, and share what I like in them. In the meantime, here’s a map (courtesy of Trip Advisor) of the cities in the “real” world that I’ve visited, which are mostly in Asia, Europe, and North America, where I have lived.



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